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“Only the mediocre are at their best all the time.” -Brett Jones

If you always go looking for your limits they will be easy to find. Session after session of grinding to failure will lower your strength and conditioning max levels. With a focus on viewing sessions as practice and working at intensities just below max you can sustain improved physical conditioning and strength. View your time in the gym as an opportunity to practice getting better. Anyone can get ”worked out” and tired. Have the mind set that you are training towards a goal. We are still advocating for giving it your all and put in 100%. We just believe that there should be a focus and intent behind the effort. What is it to truly go “Beast Mode”? Well if we look at a wild lion they sleep 18-20 hours a day and when they go to attack prey, a group of them go after the slowest, weakest and easiest target. Sometimes after a feast they may sleep up to 24 hours after. Maybe we can learn a lesson from this. Be a real gym beast by practicing with challenging but sub max loads, and limiting sets and reps done to failure. Get plenty of sleep and recovery (this is a post on its own and a big missing component that is limiting many people’s potential). But it starts with asking yourself if your goal is to improve towards your goal or just get worked out into a sweaty ball of exhaustion.

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