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Secrets to Optimizing Athletic Performance in 90 Days


A Case study to accelerate your gains in

Mobility, Strength, Power, and Speed

Without having to cheat to achieve your full potential. 



I can only accommodate 15 athletes at a time and this group is almost maxed out. 


(Please Read each and every word on this page and respond quickly.) 



Hey! Coach Bruggeman here, 


Whether you heard about this opportunity through a teammate, email, or my social media, I want to say congrats on responding quickly and reaching out about my brand new case study program “GAME DAY READY”. 


You’re obviously interested in moving better, getting stronger, faster, and optimizing your every day performance… and this is the first step to doing so. 


Now, I love Sports Performance Coaching - outside of my family, this is my #1 passion in life. 


But why the heck should you listen to me? 


Well, you don’t have to of course, but over the past 15 years… I’m someone who has developed National Champs, Olympic Medalists, and World Champions from a variety of sports including: MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, PGA, MLS, Boxing and the UFC. 


During this time I’ve been fortunate enough to coach high level athletes at every level and have witnessed first hand what works and what doesn’t, So I can give you insider secrets that some of the greatest athletes of the modern era have used to reach peak physical ability. 


And so now, I want to help YOU achieve the same. 


Nowadays my focus has shifted from training Olympians and Pros to helping Athletes at every level (including middle, high school, and college) gain access to the same resources that were only available to the elite…until now. 


Bottom line, I’m on a mission to help dedicated athletes like yourself reach the next level of fitness and performance in their life and dominate the rest of 2020!


Why I created this case study?


Back in 2007 I was a Strength Coach and College student Spending most of my time working with Athletes and studying Kinesiology. 


After a few years off from Competing in combat sports, I decided it was time to become an athlete again and got back into Fighting (MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Wrestling)… 


Unfortunately I had spent the past few years of my training bodybuilding and powerlifting… I later realized how much of a mistake this was because I suffered a severe back injury that took me over 6 months to recovery from! 


My body was not prepared for sports any more because of my poor training methods. 


Once I realized that training individual muscles, Ignoring mobility, overtraining, and not focusing on recovery led to a massive decrease in my performance; which led to my injury, I decided I had to figure out a better way…. 


Fast forward 12 years later and I’ve now perfected my training system which has helped over 1000+ High school, College, and Pro athletes avoid the costly mistakes I made early on in my training career. 


But there was a common roadblock I kept noticing. 


Older athletes (over 30) were always in pain, injured, or accepting their fate that time was running out… This was a direct result of years of abuse and poor training.


So I made it my mission to create a system that would reverse the clock for athletes over 30 and teach younger athletes the training methods and performance strategies that would help them Move, Feel, and Perform like they were CAPABLE OF ANYTHING for years to come. 


So here’s the problem….


The strength and conditioning industry is filled with pseudoscience, misinformation, and inexperienced coaches who have plenty of enthusiasm, but no idea how to guide athletes toward achieving high performance. 


They make up for a lack of knowledge and know-how with “tough workouts”, Intensity and Motivational quotes… 


They will have you doing exercises that mimic your sport because it looks “sport specific,” yet actually compromises good mechanics. 


They arbitrarily assign exercises that look cool on youtube because they believe in ridiculous concepts like “muscle confusion”. 


They do “movement flow workouts” created by cirque du sole acrobats because it “improves mobility”… Not even close. 


Are you kidding??? All your time wasted and no actual improvement in mobility, body control, strength, power, speed, endurance, or recovery… Not to mention this stuff isn’t keeping athletes healthy and preventing injuries. 


So why is conventional, cookie-cutter information FAILING you? 


Simple, that information is either outdated, not backed by science, or isn’t tailored to you, your body type, your sport, your position, your unique nutritional needs, or goals. 


Trust me, I’ve seen it happen over and over again and when athletes come to me for the first time they are confused as to why what they did in the past didn’t work for them, which wasted their time and didn’t get them closer to their goal. 


Does it make sense to only train for a few months each year? 


Does it make sense to run yourself into the ground every workout? 


NO! Unless you wan’t to be like everyone else who isn’t preventing injury or tapping into their full potential. 


You see, these generic programs fail you because they are too extreme, random, and not tailored to how your body adapts and responds to training and nutrition. 


If you continue to do these generic programs, you’ll get generic results. 


and as a mentor once taught me, “Extreme workouts, get you extremely shitty results.” 


Are you starting to get it? 


At this point you’re probably wondering “Coach B, what’s the solution?”


I’m glad you asked!



The solution is having your own High Performance Coach


One who’s already walked a mile in your shoes and helped some of the top athletes in professional sports.


That’s why its important to have someone to guide you. 


That said, I have one rule that I will follow my entire coaching career: 


“Performance Training  must address all areas of performance including Mindset, Movement, Nutrition, and Recovery or else it won’t last” 


So it brings me pleasure to introduce to you…




The only sports performance training program that improves resilience and body control while optimizing strength, power, speed, and endurance. 


The simple & sustainable way for athletes, to finally tap into their full potential in as little as a few months and not years… 


I’ll guide you step-by-step to train and recover like an elite athlete, so you can consistently show up, ready to perform your best every day, so you can compete at the highest level of your sport. 



Over the course of 90 days we’re going to work together with a select group of highly motivated athletes (will you be one of them?) and show you exactly how to eat, train and recover so that you move, feel, and perform like you never even thought possible. 



This means we’re focusing on HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE methods such as my time-tested 

- Movement Based Strength Training

- SHIFT Nutrition

- Dynamic Auto-Regulation


Don’t get scared, That just means you’ll be working with your body and not against it. 


This guarantees that you see consistent progress in your mobility, body control, strength, power, speed, and endurance each week, while you fit in more time for relaxing, hanging with friends/family, and playing video games.


Your mobility and body control will improve each week…


No more wasting time or money on random workouts that don’t actually get you better or give you an edge on the competition. 


and I’m excited to show you how if you’re ready, to completely change the way you approach your overall performance and athletic development. 


But you might be wondering, “Will this work for me?”


The answer is, YES, if you’re ready to work. 


Because I will be giving you the exact same strategy I used to rehabilitate myself while taking my performance to an all time high and prepare countless athletes during the off-season. 


With this strategy I was able to Rehabilitate myself twice (the second is crazy story) as well as multi million dollar franchise players who had suffered career ending injuries (so they thought). 


This same program has helped prepare athletes for the cover of ESPN’s Body issue, as well as dropped me from having a 240lb Dad Body to a chiseled 200lbs, so I could compete and dominate Jiu Jitsu competitions.. 


I have coached and experienced every spectrum of Elite Sports Performance and its with that experience and knowledge that I’ve created the GAME DAY READY in 90 days Program for athletes just like you. 


Transformations and testimonials… 



The Case Study Program details…


The goal of this case study program is to work closely with up to 15 athletes and help them improve overall performance while increasing mobility, body control, and resilience… 


After successfully completing this program you will have helped me build the support and systems so that we can make this information and training available to more athletes who are in your same situation.. 


Now if you are accepted into the GAME DAY READY Case Study Program, here’s what you’re going to get immediately upon joining. 



Component #1

Movement screen and Performance Testing ($197 value)

  • Functional Range assessment and Controlled Articular Rotations screen

  • Pre and Post Performance testing: Strength, Power, Endurance



Component #2 

Custom Movement Based Training Program ($599 value)

  • A triphasic system including High Force at Low Velocity, High force at high velocity methods, and High velocity Peaking. 

  • Integrated Stability Training (IST) to increase joint stability and injury prevention

  • Movement skill training to improve speed, agility, and coordination. 

  • Energy systems development protocols to improve your gas tank  


Component #3: 

SHIFT Nutrition Guide & Custom Meal Plan ($399 value)

  • Custom nutrition consultation and biweekly coaching calls 

  • Receive a new meal plan every 2 weeks

  • A complete guide to fueling your body for training and game day

  • Learn to pair foods for optimizing energy and recovery between training sessions

  • Discover nutrient timing strategies that increase recovery, fat loss, and muscle gain. 


Component #4:

Functional Range Conditioning and Kinstretch ($299 value) 

  • Identify exactly what mobility exercises you need for your body

  • Learn CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations) a daily joint maintenance practice

  • Improve Active and Passive Range of Motion Deficits

  • Increase Body control and strength to increase USABLE Range of Motion


Component #5: 

Dynamic Auto Regulation Guide ($197 value) 

  • Learn how to shift from stress to recovery and manage energy

  • Breathing strategies that will increase focus, reduce anxiety, and optimize energy expenditure

  • Increase stress tolerance 

  • Increase power output and core stability to maximize strength & explosiveness


Componenet #6: 

Muscle Recovery Guide ($197 Value) 

  • A step by step guide to help you reduce post workout soreness (DOMS) by 70%

  • Discover how our athletes found they feel ready to take on another training session every single day, because they’re recovering faster

  • Recover at superhuman speed



Component #7: 

Sleep Optimizer Guide ($250 Value) 

  • Why sleep is the key to being Game Day Ready

  • Sleep Hacks that will increase your REM time 

  • Napping for accelerated learning and skill acquisition 

  • Reset your natural biological rhythms to sleep better and be more alert 


Component #8:

Performance Nutrition Cook book and Grocery Guide ($97 value) 

  • A full list of foods that are chosen for their ability to accelerate recovery, fat loss, and muscle gain.

  • 48 delicious high performance meals that will taste like your cheating every day

  • Simplify food pairing and meal planning 


Here’s what to expect (And What’s Expected of YOU)


  1. New custom Strength & Conditioning program created each month

  2. Nutrition consultation and Movement evaluation 

  3. You will have access to me through the entire program via email and txt, I will always answer within 24hrs 

  4. Biweekly Coaching calls and nutrition updates

  5. Access to Game Day Ready Private Coaching Group

  6. Weekly Q&A Calls 

  7. Weekly Technique and Video review/feedback

  8. Weekly Check ins and Accountability (weight ins/ Body comp)

  9. I will support you through the process and make needed adjustments to your training and nutrition to streamline your road to success

  10. You can expect NO BS on my side…I will always be straight forward with you and I expect nothing but commitment and trust from you.

  11. You will be required to take before and after pictures and some lines of feedback at the end of the program

  12. Testimonial Following successful completion of the program


This is an intense 90 days designed to get you the mind, body, and overall performance you’ve been hoping for… If you’re ready to work your butt off


Who Is This Program For? 


  • Athletes who want to make consistent gains without getting injured.

  • Athletes who are committed to following a plan and sticking to it.

  • Athletes who want to extend their playing career and reach the highest level.

  • Athletes who know they have more potential, just not the resources to get there yet.

  • Athletes who hate not being able to do what they know they are capable of.

  • Athletes who know they deserve better opportunities to play at the highest level, but must first invest in the knowledge, guidance and accountability to help them get there



Who is this Program Not for? 


  • Athletes who want to cut corners.

  • Athletes who want to make excuses and challenge the process.

  • Athletes who think they know everything there is to know about training, nutriton, and recovery.

  • Athletes who think Genetics and going beast mode is enough to compete at Elite levels.

  • Athletes who don’t take ownership of their actions and daily habits.

  • Athletes who don’t see value in having someone who will guide their performance decisions.

  • Athletes who aren’t ready to change.

  • Ahtletes who are satisfied with being mediocre.



Whats the Investment?


 A better questions is, what’s it worth? 


While you could always hire me to train you in person, here in Tampa Bay, Florida, at $150 per session, you’d be looking at $750 weekly or $3000 for the month… or $9000 for 90 days (a typical Pro Offseason)… After 90 days you won’t even recognize yourself and it’ll be worth every penny if you can bare the expense… 


(however if your haven’t signed a pro contract yet, this isn’t the most cost effective option)


I guess you could keep trying it on your own and start testing out all the cheap online programs and new coaches promising the same old subpar results that will easily set you back $500+ monthly…and in 3 months time, your wallet will be $1500 lighter.


You can always hire a skill coach or a friend to put you through tough workouts that feel like they do something, but in the end just leave you broken down and probably injured down the road.


To get started and claim one of the final spots your investment isn not $9000 to work with me in person…. Thats not for everyone and thats exactly why i’ve created this program, to help more athletes just like you by making this program affordable. 


Because this is a remote program, and I’m looking for a small handful of dedicated athletes to help me work out the kinks before we scale and provide a world class transformation of your performance, I’m willing to make you an offer you cant refuse (Don Corleone Voice) 


For today only, the GAME DAY READY Program is only $599 USD… 


But wait theres more… 


YOU DON’T OWE ME A THING TO GET STARTED… Thats right, you can start this program for FREE. 





At the end of your first 30 days, if you have followed everything I ask of you to a T… You will have the option to continue the program and pay the $599 or Opt out of the program for $199 ( I Only ask that you pay what’s fair for a month of custom coaching)


This way you get to make an educated decision and experience the program first hand, sound fair enough? 


Theres only one catch…. 


I reserve the right to kick you out of the program if you don’t follow the plan… 


This program isn’t meant for everyone… I’m not doing this for clients, I want transformations that will inspire other athletes, so your success is the most important piece to this case study, so I need and want you to succeed. 


Is there a guarantee?




Not sure? Let’s me make it even simpler. I’m going to let you get started today with a 100% money back guarantee and if you don’t get the results after implementing everything I show you, simply message me and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. Thats how convinced I am that you’re going to be blown away with the results. 


If you implement EVERYTHING I show you, and don’t see a change, I’ll refund you your money… Sound fair enough? 





Why is it so Affordable?


As I’ve mentioned. It’s my mission to help Athletes - just like you… move, feel, and perform like they’re capable of anything.


I believe that coaching should be 100% affordable for everyone and you shouldn’t have to go into debt to gain access to high level coaching to achieve your performance goals. 


GAME DAY READY is the best program available for athletes and I want to give you the opportunity to improve your life and performance with a super affordable program that is different from anything you’ve done before. 


My ultimate vision is to move you through each phase of the program so you can get to the level I know you have the potential to reach.


How can you claim one of the Final Spots?


If you’ve read everything above and feel this IS the Program for you.

Reply back with “I’M READY”. 


I’ll reply back with the next steps to get you started. 

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